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Davenport Chiropractor :: Dr. Torry J. Slawson

Davenport Chiropracotr, Dr. Torry J. Slawson

Dr. Torry J. Slawson,
Davenport Chiropractor

Chiropractic Found Me

I didn’t experience a miracle, but I’ve seen them happen.

If you talk to a lot of chiropractors today they will have a story of how chiropractic helped them personally. That’s what made them become a doctor of chiropractic. Although chiropractic did not help me with a serious personal problem, I am grateful for the series of events that guided me on the path to chiropractic.

Growing up I was much like many are today. I didn’t know what chiropractic was. Sure, being from this area, I heard of it. Was even “adjusted” a couple of times. It wasn’t till I started to become a chiropractor that I actually started to understand the reality of the impact that a chiropractic adjustment can have on a person’s life. Read more about Dr. Torry J. Slawson

Davenport Chiropractor :: Dr. Torry D. Slawson

Dr. Torry D. photo

Dr. Torry D. Slawson,
Davenport Chiropractor

My Chiropractic Journey

Growing up in Davenport, I guess I’ve always been surrounded by chiropractic. It really came into the forefront of my life when my dad began school at Palmer. I remember walking through the halls with him and being fascinated by all of the different specimens in glass cases. It would be a few years before I decided that I wanted to be a chiropractor. My high school anatomy and physiology class furthered my interest in how the human body worked and cemented my decision: I was going to become a chiropractor. I loaded up the rest of my schedule with all the science classes I could and set my sights on the future. After graduation I attended Scott Community College and obtained the prerequisites necessary to enroll at Palmer College of Chiropractic. Read more about Dr. Torry D. Slawson